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212 Champ Flex Lewis

There’s nothing “typical” about a day in the life of an IFBB pro bodybuilder, but when you’re 3X Olympia 212 Showdown Champion Flex Lewis, “typical” can include spending your 31st birthday doing your last stage appearance of the year as the featured guest poser at the 2014 NPC East Coast Bodybuilding Championships!

Watch Flex Lewis celebrate his birthday by inspiring others on Saturday November 15, 2014, get his nutrition regimen and workout routines, and keep checking FLEXonline.com for more on “A Day in the Life of Flex Lewis”, sponsored by BSN.

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Train Like the 212 Champ

Get the top 10 training principles and full Y3T workout program of 3X Olympia 212 Showdown champ, Flex Lewis.


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Eat Like the 212 Champ

Get the nutrition and supplement plan of the 3X Olympia 212 Showdown champ, Flex Lewis. 


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Flex on 2015 & Food Allergies

Flex opens up about his battle with food allergies and the plans that he and his team have made for 2015.


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Flex On His 10 Straight Wins

Flex talks about his last stage appearance of 2014 at the East Coast Championships after achieving 10 straight wins.


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Flex On Doing What He Loves

Flex discusses what it meant to spend his 31st birthday with his fans and friends, doing what he loves.


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Flex’s Inspirational Speech

Flex is surprised on stage with a cake for his 31st birthday and delivers an inspirational speech to the crowd.


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Flex Guest Posing

Flex Lewis spends his 31st birthday guest posing at the 2014 NPC East Coast Championships.