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Fouad Abiad pummels delts


Fouad “Hoss” Abiad knew he wanted to be a bodybuilder when he attended his first bodybuilding event, the 2000 Toronto Pro. The pro portion of the show was dominated by such bodybuilding legends as Markus Rühl (who won) and future Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson (runner-up), but it was the amateur part of the contest that stoked Abiad’s competitive fire. “A friend of mine, who I worked with at a bar, was competing,” remembers Abiad. “He was 220 or something like that, and I just thought it was crazy that he was up there, and I wanted to do it.”

A year later he did, winning his class and the overall at his first show, the Windsor Cup. Years later, this Windsor, Ontario, resident is a successful IFBB Pro League athlete who now stages the annual rendition of the first show he competed in and won. How’s that for coming full circle?

Abiad’s combination of shape, size, and shredded-to-ribbons condition has brought him a move up in the standings and his round, full deltoids have aided this progression.

Let’s follow Hoss through a typical delt workout to see how he continues to add size and shape to his already impressive shoulders.

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