I did a seminar recently where I was asked, “how do you stay motivated through the long offseasons”.  There are a few parts to this question but I’m going to start with the most obvious one first later in this blog.

First I want to catch you guys up on how things have been going for me, I haven’t touched base with you guys in a few weeks now.  I’ll start with the gym.  My strength has been good but could be better, I think I am going to get into a strength phase for the next couple weeks to build some strength.  What that means is for the next couple weeks I will lower the volume and lower the rep count to 5-7’s instead of my normal 8-12’s.

Food wise things have changed a little as well.  I needed to feel more efficient in my offseason, I felt like my body just wasn’t digesting the amount of food I was taking in.  What I did was drop my protein a little and increase the carbs.  It seems like since I did that my physique has really filled out and I feel much better.  I’ve actually gained about 5lbs this past week alone just from increasing my carbs a little.

The business of bodybuilding is going great for me.  I am currently working on my new DVD, not sure when it will be out but it will have lots of new material and bonus outtakes.  I’m also working on a book for beginners who don’t have the money to hire a coach.  The biggest problem I come across in emails is, people who want a coach but can’t afford to pay the monthly fee.  So I decided to put out a book that will get you through 12 weeks and all the different changes in that time.  The title, Formula 3-6-9!  Okay, I’m still working on the title but I think I like that one so don’t hate! Lol

Lastly I’ve also started a new members section on my site, also really made for those that have no idea where to start, or those that are moving along but don’t know where to go next.  Basically the members section is in three phases, get my workouts, video instruction and nutrition samples to follow.  Instead of paying hundreds every month I have offered this service for $9.99.  Check it out at my site

Okay so now you’re all caught up, back to the motivation question because I know a lot of you have thought of it at one point or another.  The simplest answer is this; if you like cars do you have to be motivated to go look at them, test drive them, race them, buy the mags, etc.  No, you just wake up in the morning and you want to do these things because you love it.

The same goes for bodybuilding or just training.  If your just doing it because you want to look good at the beach or the bar and don’t actually like it, then yes, you are going to need extra motivation to keep it going.  On the other hand, if you actually love training and love bodybuilding, then the motivation question doesn’t really apply.  If you love it you just feel like you want to go, dig in and really beat the shit out of yourself.

There are some other things that also keep me motivated.  My competitors are a big motivational factor for me.  I want to win, I want to beat them, all of them, so I have to keep going until I’ve done it, or at least tried my hardest to.

Lastly but almost the most important for me, I want to beat myself.  One of the biggest factors in my motivation for training, is the fear of stepping onstage next year or next show and looking the same or worse.  I want to know that each day, each meal, each set, meant something.  I know that a missed meal six months from the show played a part in my failure to achieve more.  These are the things that keep me going.  No one that feels like a bodybuilder wants to remain the same.  Even the greatest bodybuilders I know, that some of you may think have it all figured out, want to make progress.  They all want to be better and that alone is the motivation for most of us.

Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad