Which exercise is best for adding serious size to triceps?


Close-grip bench presses, no contest. I always do them during my triceps workouts, and the reason is simple: the big benchers, like Kevin Levrone, always have great triceps. Here’s what I do:

  1. Take a grip that leaves about 14 inches between your thumbs, and stop your descent about three inches above your chest.
  2. Press up and momentarily lock out. Your focus should be on trying to take the chest out of the exercise and on working the tri’s as much as you can. Obviously, you can’t take the chest totally out of the exercise, but you have to make that connection with your triceps to get the most out of it.


V-bar Pushdown*: 3 sets, 12–15 reps

One-arm Rope Extension: 3 sets, 12–15 reps

Close-grip Bench Press**: 3 sets, 12–15 reps

Lying Triceps Extension: 7 sets, 10–12 reps

*Preceded by 2 warmup sets

**Preceded by one or two warmup sets