One look at Kevin Jordan’s home and you can see he was destined to get into weight training. “My dad did bench competitions, and we had a home gym with a bench, incline, crossovers, etc. I also was a three-sport athlete in high school—football, basketball, and baseball—so that was a part of it as well.”

That love of training grew into a passion for bodybuilding after working for a gym in St. Louis. “My boss was a competitor, and I decided I could do this. Then I began reading FLEX, and I knew I wanted to be in those magazines and compete in the Olympia.”

After scratching that initial competitive itch, Jordan was hooked, and it showed in his placings—including a win at the 2011 Junior Nationals, followed two years later by a victory at the 2013 NPC Nationals that earned Jordan his pro card. Although he’s been a pro for only a couple of seasons, Jordan is knocking on the door for that first pro win.

Jordan’s training philosophy is simple to understand: “High volume. I would get knocked for not training intense, but I still lift moderately heavy.”

Jordan isn’t sure about which shows he’ll enter in 2017, but he knows he will compete more than in the past. “I plan on doing more shows to qualify for the Olympia. I plan on talking with [nutritionist and trainer] Chad Nicholls and coming up with a plan.”


  • Rope Pressdown | SETS: 4 | REPS: 12–8
  • Cable Curl | SETS: 4 | REPS: 12–8
  • Skull Crusher | SETS: 4 | REPS: 12–8
  • Dumbbell Curl | SETS: 4 | REPS: 12–8
  • Single-arm Extension | SETS: 4 | REPS: 12–8
  • Hammer Curl | SETS: 4 | REPS: 12–8

NOTES: Jordan alternates triceps and biceps exercises.