Muscle Maturity

Victor Martinez is attacking bodybuilding and life with new vigor and perspective.


Photos by Per Bernal

History's best bodybuilders—defined in this case as those who enjoyed success over a relatively long period of time—have been blessed by two things, one more obvious than the other. The first is an exceptional genetic blueprint that boasts among other traits a perfect skeletal structure, a naturally narrow waist and a volcano-hot metabolism that incinerates unwanted body fat around the clock. But the second factor is more nebulous and perhaps more elusive: extraordinary luck. That’s because consistent placings are also the by-product of injury-free training, a stress-free home life, and relatively few distractions.

Victor Martinez has the double-helix half of the equation down. The other half? Not so much. Still, despite a spate of potentially career-ending injuries and a steady stream of personal chaos, he has remained a consistent top-10 fixture on the IFBB circuit. A win at this year’s Baltimore Pro, his first such placing since 2013, thrust him back into the spotlight and, perhaps, back into the Olympia’s coveted top 6. (NOTE: As of press time, the Olympia was still weeks out.)

An accomplishment like that would be fine by Martinez, but his goals are much simpler: to train intelligently and with intensity, to live life simply but efficiently, and to beat Dexter Jackson, who serves as both rival and inspiration to the Dominican Dominator.


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