Every year at the Mr. Olympia a few bodybuilders are overlooked. This year’s Mr. O judging was no different. The new advisory states that those with streamlined midsections would be rewarded at the expense of those with bloated bellies. That begs the question: Why were the following bodybuilders overlooked at the Mr. O prejudging? They were out of sight:

RONNIE ROCKEL: Shape, balance and conditioning—the man in the Dream Tan had it all, including the requisite tight waist.. His callouts indicate he’ll finish in the high teens. He should be at least five places higher.

DARREM CHARLES: This was supposed to be Darrem’s breakthrough Olympia. He’s added size and his waist is as close to perfection as ever. He should be contending with Melvin Anthony for a top-six placing. Instead, his call outs indicate he’s a couple places lower than this.

JOHNNIE JACKSON: The 2005 Olympia is by far Johnnie Jackson’s best performance ever. His upper body is huge and detailed, and his waist is streamlined. He’s everything the new guidelines are asking for, but his placing will be out of the top ten.

We’ll see tonight where these guys finish, but as of now it looks like they’re not getting their just desserts.

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