Phil Heath's Leg Training Routine

4X Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, takes you through his complete leg training routine


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It’s been said that the line separating good athletes from great is not innate ability, hard work, or even lucky breaks. All those factors can and do contribute, but what truly makes the difference is the willingness to attend to the little, seemingly insignificant things when no one else is paying attention. 

Think Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant still draining 15-footers long after their teammates and coaches have headed home. Wayne Gretzky wolfing down dinner as a kid with his skates still on so he could stick to an exhaustive practice regimen. Mariano Rivera pitching until every minute detail of his delivery became ingrained and infinitely repeatable, allowing him to play at an age long past the typical baseball prime. 

For Phil Heath, earning four Sandow trophies didn’t happen because he was simply anointed the heir to the throne by the bodybuilding media. He didn’t stroll of the basketball court at the University of Denver, where he was a starting shooting guard, and onto an NPC stage to collect his pro card. 

No, to construct his worldbeating physique, Heath works. For him, training isn’t a slapdash af air, but a well-honed process. Every exercise represents a gear perfectly fit with the next. Every set is a tool with which to craft a new seam of muscle mass. No detail is spared, and nary an extra rep is ever left on the gym floor. 

For evidence? Well, he stands on two pillars of proof. Because in bodybuilding, nowhere does supreme dedication to detail show than in the development of the thighs. It’s there that the serious are culled from the masses and elevated to the next level. 

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