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Muscle hypertrophy following resistance training involves activation of muscle protein synthesis (MPS). However, new studies suggest that may not be the case. Researchers measured muscle protein synthesis after the first session of resistance exercise and then examined the relation between muscle protein synthesis and hypertrophy after 16 weeks of training with an MRI scanner. 

The subjects ingested a protein-rich beverage (30 grams of whey protein) immediately after their exercise session and with breakfast on non-training days. At the end of the study, rates of MPS were increased 235±38% above rest 60–180 minutes post-exercise and 184±28% 180–360 minutes post-exercise. Quadriceps volume increased 7.9±1.6% after training. Now here comes the shocking finding: There was no correlation between changes in quadriceps muscle volume and acute rates of MPS measured over one to three hours, three to six hours,or the sum of the one- to six-hour post-exercise period. The researchers concluded that acute measures of MPS following an initial exposure to RE in novices are not correlated with muscle hypertrophy following chronic RT. – FLEX