Couple working out together
22 year old Torren Ashton Davis from Winston-Salem, North Carolina will be traveling to Brooklyn to train with Kai Greene!

Torren is a dedicated bodybuilder who won his weight class in his first show and has recently won the overall at the 2012 NPC Charlotte Cup. He now wants to take his bodybuilding to the next level.

Upon learning that he won the Train with Kai contest Torren said, “When I commit myself to something I commit 100%. I work out six days a week, two hours a day. I enjoy the challenge of the diet. I am very thankful and appreciative to be chosen the winner.”

In addition these five runners up will receive a MuscleMeds prize pack!

  •     Casey Nickell
  •     William Kuo
  •     Marco Wall
  •     Nate Quinn
  •     William Navarro

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Be on the lookout for another Train with Kai contest coming soon!