After his devastating DNP finish at the 2009 Olympia, Dennis Wolf was in need of a bounce back this year. He didn’t exactly get it in New York, where he placed third against less-than-the-best, but he did at the Olympia, nabbing a five-spot behind four living legends. To go with his fifth in 2007 and fourth in 2008, it marked the Wolfman’s third trip to the O posedown. He made some major changes to his training this year. Wolf told us about his new high-intensity approach and shared a sample biceps workout, which is featured in great detail in our December issue on newsstands now.


“I changed a lot of things this year. One of them was I started doing high-intensity training. I read a lot from Dorian Yates and watched his videos, and it just makes the most sense to me. My emphasis is on exhausting the muscles in the shortest time possible and then doing no more. I want to do enough to grow but never over-train.”


Alternate dumbbell curls 3* 8-10
EZ-bar curls 2* 8-10
One-arm machine curls 1 8-10

* All but the final set is counted as a warmup.