To have any prayer of surviving intact after a boxing match, a fighter needs to be physically prepared to meet the rigors of the sport. So to make sure M&F’s Zack Zeigler is best equipped to go a few rounds in the ring, he took a crash course from trainer and Golden Gloves winner Janero Diaz. 

It’s all about accentuating, stretching, and strengthening the muscles used during a fight for maximum punching performance. And to ensure all those muscles are put to work, Diaz chose three key exercises for Zeigler to tackle. First up, the squat…with a twist, and a medicine ball. After lacing up the gloves it was time for Zeigler to throw a barrage of jabs, uppercuts, and hooks while evading punches using the techniques mastered from the squat. It’s all about working the glutes on down with this essential move. 

Next up, the woodchopper—a rotational move that’s very important once the gloves start flying. With a few technique tweaks, Zack took his movement and power skills to the next level. With that move mastered, he then switched up directions with the reverse woodchopper, another stellar move to benefit boxing performance. Lastly, Zack put all the newly learned moves together, and was soon firing on all cylinders like a true champ. 

To improve his boxing skills, Diaz gave Zeigler the following advice. Repetition is king of the ring. Break down the movements and practice them separately before combining them. Don’t hold your breath, and remember to stay loose. If you tighten up, you’ll waste energy in the early going. Finally, power starts from the ground up so make sure your footwork is on point, and you use your hips to generate that power before you let your hands go.

Zero Boundaries Episode 5: Boxing, Full-Body TKO

To further amp up your game, try going a few rounds with this boxing workout below.  



  • Jump rope: 10 min
  • Squats x 20
  • Pushups x 20
  • Woodchoppers x 40

Heavy Bag:

  • Basic combinations: 3 min
  • Rest 30 sec
  • 3-5 rounds

Shadow Boxing:

  • Basic jab, cross, hook: 3 min
  • Rest 30 sec
  • 3-5 rounds


  • Pushups x 100
  • Squats x 100
  • Situps x 200
  • Rest as little as possible


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