Bad breath stinks—literally and figuratively. It’s caused by poor dental hygiene, health conditions, pungent foods, smoking, medications, and even dry mouth.  A good friend or family member will hopefully let you know if you have bad breath, but if you aren’t sure, we’re here to be your (well-meaning) honest friend.

When rank breath rears its ugly head, it can affect both your personal and professional relationships. Your boss might cut that one-on-one meeting short, your partner is probably not turned on, and your friends might have briefer face-to-face convos with you. The first line of defense against bad breath is to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily to prevent food particles from hanging in your mouth and teeth, which promotes bacteria that causes bad breath. 

That’s just the beginning of what you can do to prevent this common social faux pas. Whether your bad breath is due to everyday factors, like that morning coffee you’ve been sipping till lunch, or if it’s a chronic health issue, consider these solutions.