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Believe it or not, you can actually get mental health care online. That is where you can access the best online therapy sessions from the comfort of your home or office. These online therapy services are offered by professionals who help you improve your mental health issues. They cover many needs, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, teen counseling, and even marriage issues.

So, what would be the best option for online therapy companies? This guide looks at the top brands in the market and how they would work for you. Let us learn more about the top companies below.

Editor’s Choice


  • Highly reputable company
  • Interactive sessions with a therapist
  • Impressive network of qualified therapists

Top 6 Best Online Therapy Providers

  1. BetterHelp
  2. Calmerry
  3. Talkspace
  5. Brightside
  6. Regain

1. BetterHelp

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  • Multiple communication methods
  • Extensive counselor network
  • Interactive counseling sessions


  • Insurance is not accepted

Best Features

  • Several payment plans
  • Fast in matching therapists
  • You can change therapists
  • Specializes in different fields of mental health

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BetterHelp is a great online therapy platform that is full of mental health professionals compared to many other best online therapy platforms. We find that the company offers specialized cover in areas such as mental illness, addiction, depression, eating disorders, and so much more.

The company works by ensuring you fill out a questionnaire to help get you the right therapist. It will take you around five minutes to get it done. You will then be redirected to a payment page to choose your subscription. You have the choice of picking a weekly cost or a monthly plan. Choose the one that works for you.

So, how long does it take to get a therapist? It will take a few days to days to get a match as a therapist. The idea is to always ensure the person you get can handle your case correctly. So, ensure you fill out the questionnaire truthfully. If you feel that the therapist is not working for you, you can change the counselor and get another one.

Right now, BetterHelp does not accept insurance, so you might not have the financial assistance of the insurance company, but you will get good rates to keep you going.

2. Calmerry

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  • Easily matches you to a counselor
  • Registration process is simple and fast
  • Get discounts more often


  • No services for children

Best Features

  • You can get a daily response from therapists
  • Has an attentive customer support team
  • The payment plans are affordable
  • It has a huge database of professionals

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This will also not miss on the list of best online therapy services. It is a newer online therapy platform that still focuses on online cognitive behavioral therapy to help improve your mental health. It achieves this through having licensed clinical social workers and therapists in its database. At least you will not have to worry about getting professionals to help with your condition.

We find that the expert network is quite compressive. You will access clinical psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and certified counselors. At least now, you can get help with depression, PTSD, anxiety, anger, trauma, OCD, family strife, and more. The mental health professionals will take enough time to help you get better generally.

The company is also about making mental health treatment affordable to everyone. That is why it is the most affordable on the list. If you feel it can be expensive to get the help, you need to consider Calmerry. The prompt responses from their counselors make it a good platform to seek the help you need.

3. Talkspace

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  • The company accepts insurance
  • Get several therapists to choose from
  • Text, video, and voice communication methods


  • Can take more time to be matched

Best Features

  • You get therapists with impressive experience
  • It is a secure website
  • Provides counseling to couples, teens, and adults
  • Offers multiple communication methods

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Mental health conditions can often take a toll on your finances. That is why Talkspace is one online therapy provider that accepts insurance. If you want to talk to a mental health professional with insurance covering it, now you know where to start. We find it a good company for mental health services to couples, parents, adolescents, and more.

Talkspace stands out for having a lot of matches. You will get several therapists for you to choose from. This is unlike other companies that only match you to one counselor. You can also change a therapist if it is not working for you. So, having several professionals who can help you get better is more reason why it is a top therapy provider.

Once you have been matched with a therapist, you can head over to a secure online room where you can discuss any mental health issues and get help. The website is always available. This makes it easier to schedule between you and the therapist. You will have communication methods such as live video sessions, texting, phone calls, and more. It all depends on what you are comfortable with.


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  • Great for CBT treatment
  • Has a comprehensive FAQs section
  • Can help treat several behavioral health disorders


  • Does not accept insurance

Best Features

  • Has multiple plans you can consider
  • Great for CBT treatments
  • Has many qualified counselors
  • Yoga and meditation are part of treatment

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Anyone who is looking into getting licensed therapists to prescribe medication and provide therapy sessions can also consider this company. This company is ideal for the cognitive behavioral therapy that many people want. It could also be the best choice for online counseling for kids, thanks to its various online therapy programs.

The company has eight sections you have to go through during the counseling period. This is to help a person confront and overcome issues better. The therapy is carried out through video, text, and audio. So, you can pick the method that works for you. A counselor will also keep a daily journal with exercises to do so that you can be better.

The company has several plans you can consider if you want online therapy sessions. They include basic, standard, and premium. You can start with the basic plan and scale up depending on your needs for therapy. Note that health insurance policies are not accepted. Nevertheless, it is still within the affordable range.

5. Brightside

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  • The therapists can prescribe medication online
  • Has a proprietary software to help prescribe medication
  • Getting matched is fast


  • Not the best to get family therapists

Best Features

  • You get specialized treatment
  • Medication delivered to your door
  • Precision medication by professionals
  • It uses evidence-based therapy

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You might find it harder to get a licensed marriage and family therapist here, but it is good for other mental health needs you might have. The company has trained mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and more. You will feel it is just as good as the traditional therapy you have received.

People will find it a good pick for medication management. This is because its plants include medication therapy, online therapy, and a combination of both. The company will analyze your data to help recommend the right medication you need to get better. Of course, you would also like its fast response rate.

The platform also has a symptom tracker feature on your dashboard. This aims at helping you to track your progress as you continue getting help from professionals. You can still consult with your therapist daily so that you can ask more questions and get more help. Matching you to a therapist does not take long also.

6. Regain

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  • Good for couples therapy
  • Easy to set up an account
  • You have several modes of communication


  • Signup can often take more time

Best Features

  • Canceling payments is easy
  • Matching is often perfect for your needs
  • Has highly trained therapist database
  • Live video can help promote better interaction

This is a great online therapy service for couples. Just as the name claims, it will help you regain your relationship. Those who attend a therapy session with a licensed therapist claim to communicate better with their spouses. Many find it possible to have quality relationships after going through an online therapy program on Regain.

The company asks you to fill out a questionnaire to help you understand your needs to make online therapy effective. You can do it alone or ask your partner to also join. Once you are done with the questionnaire, you are redirected to a payment page. Here, you will choose the plan that works best for you.

Matching might often take a while. It will take a few days in most cases, but do not worry, as the company will find someone for you. The therapists on Regain must have at least three years of experience and over 1000 hours of supervised clinical practice. This is enough to give you confidence in using an online therapy session from the company.

How to Choose the Best Online Therapy Site

With several options in the market, it makes sense to have a quick guide on choosing the best online therapy site. Here is how to do it.

Therapy types offered

Whether you want affordable online therapy or you are simply looking for the best online therapy programs, the therapy types offered are important to consider. Most platforms, as recommended by Health Canal, would fall under generalist or specialist therapy programs.

A good example is Pride Counseling which only handles LGBTQ issues while others might focus more on relationships, addictions, teen counseling, and more. So, first, understand what kind of therapy you need and if you can get it from the various listed online therapy companies.

Therapist matching process

You might have a company with licensed professional counselors, but is it the right person to handle your problem? That is why therapist matching is very important. You need a person with proper specialization and experience too in what you are going through. The last thing you need is to switch therapists unnecessarily.

Most of these online therapy platforms have a questionnaire you fill out and then you get matched to a therapist that can handle you better. The matching is also based on gender, age, race, specialty, and sexual orientation. Some people prefer counseling by a woman and vice versa.

Platform communication methods

You would also want to know which methods the company uses to communicate with clients. Since it is remote counseling, you might find several options available. The most common methods are live chat, live video, live phone calls without a video feed, emails or text messaging.

Counseling needs a lot of privacy for a person to trust the platform. That is why some companies offer phone calls with no video or maintain an anonymous live chat.

The price

Online therapy cost varies from one platform to another. Most companies have a subscription model rather than having to pay per hour, which in some cases can get expensive. It all depends on a company as some are affordable while others are not so much.

Make sure you read through the plan to understand what it offers before buying. There could be restrictions on how often you have a live video call with the therapist. Ask also if the platform accepts insurance to see if you can save. It would be nice getting the best online therapy that takes insurance.

Therapist credentials

Mental health professionals on the online platforms also need the right credentials so that they can offer the right help and prescribe medications knowing what they are doing. Many states have a strict policy on the certification and licensing of therapists. It is the same for online therapy platforms too.

Look at the therapist’s bio to learn more about a person first before being comfortable using such a therapist for stress management or any mental health issue you might be facing.

Things to Take Note of When Choosing Online Therapy

Whether you want the best online couples therapy or teen counseling, it is vital to take note of a few things before making the final choice. Here are some of them;

  • Option of changing your therapist. According to MIDSS, sometimes searching for a psychologist near me or therapists near me does not always get you the right one. It is the same for online therapy providers. You should have the choice of picking the therapist you want and changing if necessary.
  • Cancellation of your subscription should also be available. Sometimes therapist availability is an issue, or you feel it is not satisfactory enough. That is why cancellation should be easy to do on a platform.
  • The reviews about the company are important to consider. Not all online therapy providers are the best for teen counseling or any other problem you might have. Looking at trusted sites such as BBB, Google Reviews, Trust Pilot, and more can help you understand if it is a good company or not.
  • The type of technology requirement needed is also important. This would help in communicating with your therapist. Sometimes you may have to get additional gear such as headphones or even upgrade your internet to communicate better with the therapist.
  • As about the cost too. You should not pay a lot of money without knowing what you are paying for. Sometimes you can compare the different providers in the market to see what their online therapy programs offer and the cost. This helps you see if there is value for money.
  • Insurance coverage is a big deal whether someone is doing relationship counseling, mental health issues, or many others. Ask about insurance coverage so that you only pick a brand you can afford and get the help you need.

Who Should Use (and Not Use) Online Therapy

Research has shown that online therapy options have similar results just as having in-person sessions with licensed mental health professionals. This is because you can get the same help from a licensed mental health professional from an online platform.

So a person who is seeking teen therapy, relationship therapy, eating disorders therapies, and more can use the virtual therapy option and get the help they need. One literature review found that online cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT was effectively done online in the treatment of depression.

Online therapy has also made it possible for people living in rural areas to get the help they need without driving or traveling long distances. It is the same for people who might be disabled, as they find online therapy better because of their physical limitations.

However, e-therapy might not be for everyone. If you are going to solely rely on your insurance to cover it, then it might not work. Not all remote therapy sessions are covered by insurance. Also, some states might not allow out-of-state providers to work as therapists. Even if they are allowed, it is within a limited amount of time.

Also, e-therapy is not the best for those with serious psychiatric illnesses. An example is some with severe mental health conditions or severe addiction. Such a person would need in-person help to ensure there is proper guidance to get better.

Online Therapy Vs. In-Person Therapy

You might have attended in-person therapy before, and now you are wondering if online therapy is equally good. Well, both therapy types allow you to access mental health services so that you can get better. The difference is how you meet your therapist.

People who enjoy keeping themselves anonymous or do not want to travel to meet a licensed clinical social worker would then consider online therapy sites. The online mental health services will get you help right in the comfort of your home.

In-person therapy is not bad, either. You will also get to bring your mental issues to someone who is a professional and help make you better. Of course, it also depends on the severity of your problem. Sometimes the telehealth services are enough to handle things such as LGBTQ counseling, teen counseling, and more. However, in-person therapy is better for you if you have several mental health problems.

You definitely need to consider doing more research about an online therapy platform before settling on one. We can see the choice between online therapy and in-person therapy largely depends on the severity of the mental health crisis and preference too.


You can see that online therapy is something that can be for you. It is just like in-person therapy you might have done before, only that this time around, it is done via video sessions, live chats, texting, and more. Many online therapy companies assure their clients of privacy. That is something we can say is vital. We can recommend the above companies knowing that all your therapy sessions will be confidential and you actually work with licensed professional therapists.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does online therapy actually work?

There are many reviews showing that online therapy works. It depends on the severity of your mental health. If you can find a good online therapy platform, you will get the needed help.

  1. Is BetterHelp a legit therapy site?

BetterHelp has many positive reviews showing it is among the best to use. In case you are not sure which one to choose, then go for BetterHelp, as it is legal and can help you get better.

  1. Is Talkspace a good online therapy?

Anyone who needs psychiatric services should consider Talkspace for online therapy. It has a good support team who can help a person get better mental health.

  1. Does insurance cover online therapy?

It depends on the company. Not all of them accept insurance. Also, not all insurance companies will pay for online therapy. So, confirm with the online therapy company and insurance company too first before getting started.

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