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5 Things You Didn't Know About WWE's 'Lana'

Even if she's your favorite WWE Superstar, you may be surprised to discover these tidbits about the blond bombshell.

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Edgar Artiga / M+F Magazine

Lana Perry's Five Fast Facts 

1. Perry is married to the “Bulgarian Brute” Rusev (Miroslav Barnyashev), whom she met during her time at NXT, when she played his manager.

2. Because of his Bulgarian roots, Rusev and Perry had two weddings—one in Malibu, CA, and a more traditional wedding in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, so that his family could attend.

3. Perry is fluent in Russian.

4. At age 14, Perry danced with the Latvian National Ballet—which was her first passion.

5. Perry has worked as a backup dancer for performers such as Nelly, Pink, Usher, and Akon. She has also made appearances in movies such as Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2, and American Hustle.