Alexa Bliss, WWE Superstar and Muscle & Fitness Hers September/October cover model, became the SmackDown Women’s Champion for the first time on Dec. 4. She snatched the title from defending champion Becky “The Lass Kicker” Lynch in SmackDown Live match, according to Wrestling Inc.

“You were SO right Becky, I DO have an unhealthy obsession w/ glitter & sparkly things … especially this one,” Bliss teased in an Instagram with the title belt.

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The two were set to have a title match on Oct. 9 at the No Mercy wrestling event, but Lynch was injured and unable to compete. The first rescheduled match took place in Glasgow, Scotland, on Nov. 9 and Lynch came out on top. However, a second match was scheduled for Dec. 4 due to an error on the referee’s part. 

Lynch may be a more experienced wrestler, but that didn’t stop Bliss from taking her down and earning the coveted SmackDown Live Women’s title belt. The star took to social media to share her success with fans and show off her new hardware.

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