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Danica Patrick Gets in Position with Yoga

The talented NASCAR driver demonstrates her awesome moves OFF the track.

Danica Patrick continues to reinvent herself, as she has recently been getting into the world of yoga. In her Instagram posts below, Danica is seen doing a few varied handstands and a back bending lunge. Danica’s Instagram is a full blown account for women striving to progress with their fitness achievements.

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You couldn't tell by watching her that she is someone who sits rigidly in a race car seat for hours on end. Patrick has not let that fact slow down her progression in becoming more flexible. In the posts below she shows off a little more.

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"Aaaaand without holding the prop. The goal is get my feet to rest on it. Close...... But in the game of flexibility there's no telling how long it could take," says Danica! And lastly, here's another pose where Danica shows success of touching the ground with both hands back bending in lunge, on both sides.

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