There are tons of personal trainers roaming the depths of Instagram claiming they can transform your body from flab to fab, but how many boast experience to match? Thankfully, Tawna Eubanks McCoy’s results can’t be denied—she’s a 4X IFBB Pro League winner, after all. McCoy has an absolutely sculpted physique to show for it, and occasionally posts her own transformation pics to add a personal touch to her motivational messages on Instagram.

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My Transformation | My Story _ Fitness saved me. In school, I was always very tall and very thin. I can’t say if I gained the freshman 15 or not because I had never weighed myself before. Not because I was scared, but I just didn’t care. I have never been overweight but I was more “skinny fat.” I just felt mushy, with a skinny upper body and a flabby butt. I did go to the gym and “workout” every now and then but was only doing what I remembered from school. I started to work out more and clean up my food intake. By that, I mean half ass weights, cardio, and basically starving myself. Eating once a day, usually, breakfast was a bowl of cereal or lunch a PB&J. Oh, and did I mention my heavy nights of partying with basically little to no sleep every night? I never talk about this but, I used to be very involved in the party scene. I was a go-go at night clubs (NO not a stripper), and when I wasn't go-going I was at another bar doing bikini competitions. Usually under the influence of something or another. Very dark times in my life. I knew what I was doing and at that time was I perfectly content with it. I was just a different person then. I did know I didn't always want this for the rest of my life. I knew I wanted bigger things for myself. I was just lost in more ways than in the gym. I met Greg, my now husband and we started to train me for my first NPC Competition. (The DAY 1 photo here). This was my very first progress photo ever. The first time I took measurements and weighed, I knew I was making a change that would not only change my appearance but MY LIFE. We trained for eight weeks for my very first show. Even though I was tired and hungry at some points…I’ll say it was the best eight weeks of my life. The training, the accountability, the challenges, the goals, the regimen, and the discipline. That was what I had been missing. I noticed the more I put my focus, time, and energy into working on MYSELF, the less I damaged myself. Just like my physique was changing, I slowly started to change my lifestyle too… I realize now that I will always be a work in progress and that’s part of why I love this lifestyle. I’ll continue to build myself and my physique!

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We sat down with McCoy to talk about her fitness routine, her modeling career, and her reaction to appearing inside the pages of Muscle & Fitness