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This Fitness Model Crushes an Outdoor Stroller Workout

Iulia Danilova got a little creative and utilized her child’s nap time by turning it into a quick lower-body workout.

Iulia Danilova
Instagram/ danilovajulia

Iulia Danilova is an upcoming fitness model, and she may be on to something when it comes to getting in a quick workout

Danilova is seen here using her baby’s stroller to knockout a few lunges, squat kickbacks, and a plank/crunch combo where she uses the stroller to keep her feet off the ground. 

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These stroller exercises may seem strange, but in reality the most important part is to switch things up and avoid a boring workout. In addition, it’s a time-saver which can come in handy for those movers and shakers out there constantly on the go. 

Danilova is a fan of unconventional and outdoor workouts, as you can see below: 

Moral of the story, folks: Don’t let your environment or schedule deter your fitness. 

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