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Jacqueline Legere & Spencer O’Brien are Winter Sports Athletes to Watch

Check out theses ladies as they dominate winter action sports and push the needle on strength training, sprinting, and conditioning and give us their workout.


Jacqueline Legere

Red Bull Crashed Ice World Champion

Picture yourself racing on a steep downhill track covering a distance of 400 to 600 meters in 45 to 60 seconds. Now imagine doing it wearing ice skates.

This is what the women in the sport of Ice Cross Downhill, aka “Crashed Ice,” do. Jacqueline Legere is the reigning women’s champion of the sport. The Canadian, who is just 25 years old, is already a Crashed Ice veteran, having competed for five years now. The season is made up of four or five Red Bull Crashed Ice events held in cities across the globe, plus a few Riders Cup races. “Our season finale is at the beginning of March [2017] in Ottawa,” says Legere.

Considering the risk involved, you may think injuries are a major concern, but Legere doesn’t let that stop her. “You have to make smart choices in practice and on the bigger features, but I just make sure I am trained properly,” she says.

Legere’s training is demanding, and she starts to prepare for the upcoming season months in advance.

“I work out five days a week in my basement gym or a CrossFit gym all year round. A few months before the season begins I start skating every day,” says Legere. Her training mainly focuses on sprints, transitions, and strength.

Skipping leg day is not an option for these athletes. “The race itself is a sprint and a leg burner, so you need to be prepared for that! I do a wide variety of training. Since I can’t go on an actual track to practice, I work out on a skating treadmill to focus on technique and sprints. I do CrossFit for strength and in-line skating to work on jumping, transitions, and pumping.”