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The Rock Brags About His “Front Bump”

Dwayne Johnson took some time before a 'Baywatch' marketing meeting to give himself a new nickname.

Dwayne Johnson walks on the beach on the set of Baywatch.

Dwayne Johnson can make a good time of out literally any situation he’s in, and if that situation happens to be an empty lobby the rule still applies.

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Johnson already has a plethora of nicknames, but he decided to add “Brown Eyed Soul” to the list. The Rock also gave props to a few other castmates except Zach Efron. Hopefully their playful banter comes off just as genuine and funny in the movie.

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Outside of joking around in a lobby, The People’s Champ continues his dedication to the gym in a recent video of his workout

One only knows how he makes time for this. In addition to Baywatch Johnson has a new documentary about to launch. He’s also filming his HBO series Ballers, and Fighting With My Family still in production along with several other projects. 

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