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Serena Williams Belts Out 'Under The Sea' During U.S. Open Karaoke

Williams took some time to have a little fun and channeled her nervous energy into karaoke.

Serena Williams Belts Out 'Under The Sea" During U.S. Open Kareoke

It has been a busy month for Serena Williams as she is gearing up for the U.S. Open, which starts August 31. Winning the Open would make it her fifth straight major title and the first calendar Grand Slam won by a woman since Steffi Graf back in 1988.

Besides tennis, Serena graced the cover for this month's issue of New York magazine -- warming up for the camera with splits and discussing how her life isn't all about tennis. She's a fashion diva. And let's not forget that Forbes named her one of the highest paid female athletes of the year. 

Less than a week out from the 31st, Serena took some time to have fun -- channeling any nervous energy at karaoke night, which was sponsored by Delta Air Lines. Williams said, "We just kind of wanted to celebrate just kicking off (the) U.S. Open and having fun and relaxing and enjoying it."


She closed the night with "Motown Phillies" from Boys II Men.


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