Just watch a few of her movies and you’ll realize that Blake Lively is no stranger to hitting the gym. 

The actress sculpted a stunningly toned bikini body for her role in the shark thriller, The Shallows, and is set to play an MMA fighter in the upcoming action-drama, Bruised

To keep her figure strong and lean, Lively recently hit the gym with celebrity fitness trainer Don Saladino, who has worked with Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, and a slew of other famous faces (and bodies).

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In a video recently posted to Saladino’s Instagram account, Lively crushes three sets (10 reps, each side) of cable lifts to strengthen her abs and core. 

If you want to recreate this move for yourself at the gym, Saladino offers these pro tips: “Make sure to tighten your glutes and avoid leaning back. Keep your torso upright.” And for more abs and core work, check out these eight things you need to know about your abs, and our favorite 15 moves to get a six-pack in just four weeks

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