Think you’re tough? We know you are! But how does the rest of your home state stack up?

Often, the “Fittest and Fattest Cities” are measured by predictable metrics like gym concentration and attendance, access to outdoor trails and other recreation, and statewide obesity rates. But how many take muscle quality into account? Skulpt AIM—a 2014 & 2015 Consumer Electronics Show notable handheld device that measures muscle quality (MQ) and body fat for individual body parts—has surveyed all 50 states using its groundbreaking device to compile the “2015 Fitness State of the Nation Report.”

It may be a bit shocking which states got the top ranks—a few Southern states that don’t typically make the “Fittest States” list swept the top spots. In fact, a 2013 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index ranked three of Skulpt AIM’s “2015 Fitness States” (including Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee) in the top ten of states with the highest obesity rates. But if you think about muscle quality as a measure of sheer physical work (tending farms, for example), and not just which states run, bike, and lift the most, you get a crystal clear look into the true quality of muscle. Plus, Skulpt AIM’s anonymous survey responses to get these “Strongest States” rankings were done by “early adpoters” of the device—those enthusiastic enough to want to purchase a brand new technology like this—so they many be on the fitter echelon of the population to begin with. Still, who was the strongest? Let’s take a look!

Top 10 States

  1. Louisiana
  2. North Dakota
  3. Alabama
  4. Mississippi
  5. Missouri
  6. Tennessee
  7. Idaho
  8. Maryland
  9. Virginia
  10. New Jersey


Fist Pump It Out

New Jersey made into the top 10 strongest states with its strong upper back, triceps, and chest. But above NJ are a number of underdogs, including states like Louisiana, whose top MQ is their abs—sweet beignets and po’boys aside—and North Dakota whose top MQ is their upper backs. Perhaps from the horse wrangling and hay baling? We’ll have to investigate. Other top spots went to Alabama (quads), Mississippi (upper back), and Missouri (biceps).

Sin City Has Your Backside Beat

Las Vegas stole the show with the best glutes ranking, beating far too many other US cities that are just not bringing up the rear as much as they could! We the M&F Hers readers have perfected their best butt routines!

Mind the Middle

In the top 25 of “Strongest States” list are many states that often take the Fittest States honor or have been named the states with the lowest obesity rates, according to the same 2013 Gallup-Healthways poll, including Montana, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and New York. 

Some states just have their work cut out for them, to get more cut: Those states with the lowest five MQ states are Wyoming, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Georgia.

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