Starting this week, Monica Bill Barnes & Company is offering a “Museum Workout” before the Metropolitan opens on Thursdays through Sundays, according to T Magazine, the style magazine at the New York Times.

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The dance company is running 45-minute workouts that cover two miles of the museum before the museum opens for the day. The workout, commissioned by the MetLiveArts, definitely fits into the company’s motto—”bring dance where it does not belong.” The choreography of the workout involves pre-selected routes so that participants pass by specific works in the museum’s collection. The aim is for each participant to have a different emotional experience. The soundtrack is a mix of disco and Motown to get everyone in the mood to sweat.

This workout is perfect for art lovers or those who may want to work out in a place where they normally couldn’t. Seeing the MET totally empty is also a sight that not many have the pleasure of seeing. If you’re interested in the museum workouts, tickets start at $35.