Raise your hand if you’ve ever eaten Nutella or peanut butter right out of the jar. Or went to the gym on a day you were unmotivated just to scope out the hot guys? Or spent a little more than you intended on your fitness clothing shopping spree? Yup, we’re guilty of these, too. But if you ever wanted to anonymously share your fitness, diet, health and motivation (or lack thereof) confessions, look no further than the social app  Whisper. You can also browse through their website Whisper.sh and read the confessions their 10 million monthly users post daily, whether it’s about relationships, friends, family and more. Here are some Whisper confessions we found relatable.

I changed into my workout clothes and sat on the bed for an hour until I lost all motivation

Eating a big pack of doritos and dipping them into nutella. Damn, cheat day is so good!

Best part about going to the gym is seeing all the hot guys

Why do I feel so guilty at the end of my cheat day? Ugh. Thank god it