Just as you need a key to start your vehicle’s ignition, you want the proper fuel in your tank to make certain your body is revving on all cylinders when you hit the gym.

Impact Igniter from AllMax contains a broad spectrum of supplemental ingredients that research has shown may improve workouts and help sculpt lean muscle. Here are a few advantages you’ll get when you supplement Impact Igniter before your next high-energy weight session.

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1) Impact Igniter boosts production of nitric oxide for better muscle pumps

This pre-workout product contains citrulline malate in a superior 2-to-1 ratio. This helps increase nitric oxide, a gas molecule that encourages blood vessels to relax, allowing more blood and nutrients to flow to the muscles you’re training.

This not only encourages better workouts, but also supports increased vascularity, better recovery, and faster muscle growth, as well as significantly reducing feelings of fatigue.

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2) Impact Igniter reduces fatigue and supports recovery

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a specific form of the amino acid cysteine. This powerful amino works within muscle cells to scavenge harmful free radicals, which are generated during intense training. NAC restores glutathione to its active form, reducing soreness while enhancing recovery. The product provides 500mg of NAC.

3) Impact Igniter improves muscle-cell volume and fuels workouts with stored fat

Taurine, an amino acid, drives fluids into muscle cells, enhancing recovery. Taurine also helps balance electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Caffeine boosts energy and releases body fat for fuel. Impact Igniter contains 1,000mg of taurine and 400mg of caffeine.

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