3 Cross-Training Routines

Freshen up your routine and burn mega calories with these three nontraditional fat-blasters from top fitness pros.




Cross-training secret: Stadium plyometrics

Why it’s her fave: “Certain areas of my core and legs don’t respond well to traditional strength exercises. Stadium plyometric drills challenge these stubborn areas and help boost endurance, accelerate fat loss, and create long, lean muscles so I’m conditioned year-round.”

Camala’s Workout

Begin with a dynamic warmup with moves like alternating walking kicks and walking knee tucks to get your muscles ready for action.

Super Set 1Do 10 frog jumps going up stadium stairs, then lower into a plank and hold the position for
20 seconds. Stand up and do 10 alternating lunges per leg going up the steps. That’s one set. Repeat for a total of five sets.

Super Set 2: Making your way down the bleachers, jog the length of five rows, completing each of the exercises listed below at the end of the corresponding row. That’s one set. Repeat for a total of five sets.

Row 1: 25 Plié squats

Row 2: 20 Triceps dips

Row 3: 20 Bulgarian split squats (10 each leg)

Row 4: 30 mountain climbers

Row 5: 20 Reverse lunges off the step (10 each leg)