5 Moves for a Better Butt

Celebrity trainer and author Harley Pasternak shares the butt exercises that will give you a bootylicious backside.


Many years ago, Destiny’s Child first sang of the power of the butt — putting men in a trance and being a sign of “the baddest chick inside.” Makes your butt sound pretty empowering, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many women don’t target their glutes while training their legs, which is a pity considering the glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in the body.

To help get your backside in spellbinding shape, Muscle & Fitness Hers enlisted Los Angeles–based exercise physiologist Harley Pasternak, who works with the celebrity set to complete "dramatic physique transformations" for specific film and TV roles.

Pasternak’s strategy is what he calls “five-factor fitness.” The idea is that all of your workouts should consist of five phases, the sum total of which takes no more than an hour to complete. Phase 1 is a five-minute cardio warm-up — he suggests nonimpact cardio, such as the elliptical machine or a stationary bicycle; Phase 2 is five minutes of supersetting two strength exercises (in this workout, it’s ham-quad supersets); Phase 3 is five minutes of two more exercises, also supersetted; Phase 4 is core training; and Phase 5 is 30 minutes of cardio. For the latter, Pasternak suggests an incline treadmill walk, which helps sculpt the behind.

"There’s no one exercise that gives you a great butt," Pasternak says. "You have to attack the whole body." First, he says, develop great glutes (which you get from lunges and step-ups in this routine). Second, you need strong hamstrings, stimulated in this routine by romanian deadlifts. Next, you have to strengthen core muscles. Then, add some weight and you’ve got the right mix for a well-rounded program.

"Most women overwork certain muscle groups," he adds. "This routine keeps you balanced and injury-free. Getting a great body is a side benefit. Your own genetics will dictate your general figure, but this workout will create great shape. It’ll make everyone’s butt look more toned."

Whether you use this program as your leg workout or add these moves to your existing routine, get ready to enjoy the perks of being "Bootylicious."

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