The Hers Starter’s Guide workout program is built around basic, foundational exercises that will help you to obtain a lean, sexy physique. Whether you’re a gym newbie or coming back after a training hiatus, Justin Grinnell’s (CSCS, owner and head trainer of State of Fitness in East Lansing, Michigan) principles will help you take that first step toward fitness.

The Hers Starter’s Guide has four main workouts – check out some of these tips to effectively hit each one.

Workout A

This workout, along with the other three lifting workouts, directs you to perform many of the exercises in pairs. For each A and B exercise pairing, go back and forth between the two moves one set at a time – similar to a superset, only with full rest between exercises.

The pairs generally consist of opposing movements and are designed to allow you to work more muscle groups with less fatigue in each lifting session.

Workout B

In Workout B, Grinnell prescribes a drop set for two of the exercises—the goblet squat and the standing calf raise. Drop sets involve performing an exercise where you reduce the weight and continue for more reps.

Drop sets are an efficient way to increase muscle mass due to the recruitment of different muscle fibers. The change in the amount of weight and how many reps allows for this to happen.

Going back to the goblet squat – you will perform 8 reps for the first set with your estimated 8-rep max weight. Then, drop the weight about 20–30 percent and do eight more reps. Drop the weight another 20-30 percent and complete 8 more reps. That’s one set. Do this two more times with 2 to 3 minutes of rest between sets.

For the standing calf raise, the same principle applies, only you’ll be changing the number of reps each time you drop the weight. Do 20 reps for the first set with your max weight. Then, immediately drop the weight about 20-30 percent and do 15 reps. Drop the weight again and do 10 reps. That’s one set. Do this two more times with a few minutes of rest between each set.

Bonus Tip: Romanian vs. Stiff-Legged Deadlift: “With Romanian deadlifts, there’s a bigger bend in the legs and the bar just passes the knees,” says Grinnell. “With stiff-leggeds, the legs stay almost fully straighten and the plates touch the floor.”

Workout C

For Workout C, the last set of each exercise should end with two rest-pauses.

Rest-pause training is when you take take short breaks, about 15-25 seconds. This takes advantage of your body’s explosive energy stores, which is called phosphagen – allowing you to lift more weight while burning more calories per workout in less time.

For each of the exercises, rack the weight after your fourth set and rest 15-20 seconds, then perform as many reps as possible with that same weight. Repeat this one more time for a total of two rest-pause sets.

Workout D