Keeping it tight in the gym applies to more than just your outift. Optimize your workout strategy to help sculpt your best physique. Here is my gym advice for getting a fast but still effective workout. 

1. Multitask Your Warmup


Walk on a treadmil at a slight incline while rolling your shoulders and neck for 3-5 minutes. Then stretch you calves, hamstrings, and quads, or do dynamic stretches such as forward leg swings with toe touches. 

2. Know Before You Go


Are you doing a single body part, upper, lower, or full body? Use machines that allow more than one move: leg press machine (leg press/calf raise) or the assisted pullup machine (pullup/dip).

3. Say Goodbye To Rest Periods

How To Master A Short Workout

Work opposing body parts between sets. Try this: dumbbell biceps curls superset with lying dumbbell triceps skull crushers, dumbbell walking lunges superset with dumbbell Romanian deadlift, and planks alternated with Supermans. This also makes the workout more aerobic.