Jacqueline Kasen's Ultimate Bodyweight Workout for Lean Legs

Avoid plateauing results by kicking your leg day into shape.

Jacqueline Kasen
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Part of making steady progress in the gym is having a consistently changing workout routine. Keeps your leg muscles always guessing with this workout from Get JacQd creator Jacqueline Kasen

“This is a great workout because no matter where you are, you can always find a staircase to do steps, jumps, plyo moves, and more.”

1. Calf Stretch: 

Stand with one foot on ground and other foot on edge of stair with heel down and toes up. “Do this stretch with your leg straight to hit the gastrocnemius; bend your knee slightly to target the soleus, or deeper calf.”

2. Lateral Stair Climb: 

Stand with right side facing bottom of a staircase. Place right foot on either the third or fourth step; bring left foot to meet the right. Continue heading up the staircase, switching legs; aim to do 20 steps per leg. If there aren’t enough stairs, jog down, then repeat back up.

3. Stair Bulgarian Squat: 

Stand facing away from bottom of the stairs, with right foot 1 or 2 steps behind you (depending on your height). Bend both knees 90 degrees, keeping front knee in line with ankle. 

Do 12 to 15 reps per side.

4. Skater: 

Find something you can use as a landmark, such as a row of bicycles or sidewalk cracks. Do skaters from side to side, crossing one leg behind you and pushing laterally to opposite side. Each round, try to go a little farther in distance. 

Do 20 reps per side.

5. Plyo Stepup:

Place right foot on top of a bench. Pushing through right heel, jump up and land softly while switching legs so left foot is now on bench and right foot is on the ground. 

Do 20 reps; switch sides. 

6. Single-leg Deadlift:

Stand with feet hip-distance apart. Lift right foot and hinge forward, extending right arm; keep hips squared, back flat, core engaged, and head in neutral position as you lift right leg behind you. 

Do 12 reps; switch sides.