Q: What’s a good hamstrings isolation exercise? My glutes tend to take over whenever I try to go up in weight in linear leg presses and deadlifts.” – Amber S., Alphratta, GA

A: The hamstrings are a fast-twitch muscle group that responds best to explosive movements. If you want to completely isolate these muscles, the single-leg lying or standing leg curl machines may be your best options. But they’re not necessarily the most effective ones, says Hers technical adivsor Gino Caccavale. “Your hamstrings work harder when your glutes are activated,” he adds. “You need that assistance for different and heavier loads.” Caccavale recommends the GHD, or glute-ham developer. “It’s the best apparatus to lengthen and contract the hamstrings at the knee and hip. Romanian deadlifts are also effective, but form is crucial: Push your hips back as you lower the barbell to midshin, then drive your hips forward and push your heels as you rise. Alternate the GHD and Romanian deadlifts every other workout for maximum effect. And try training your hamstrings on a separate day from your quads, or two days after a heavy leg day, to boost results.