Looking for a new pro sport to watch between the Olympics and football season? Grid is the first sport of its kind and is truly in a league of its own by being the first-ever professional spectator sport with co-ed teams who compete in strategic athletics racing. Each match is comprised of two opposing 14 member (7 men and 7 women) teams who compete in 11 races that make up the full 2-hour match. Each team member in the National Pro Grid League (NPGL) specializes in specific skills whether it be strength or bodyweight movements. In every race there are points up for grabs, and at the end of the match whichever team has the most points wins.

This season will air on multiple national and regional sports networks that will reach 70 million households across the United States. The entire season will air in order and culminate with the NPGL Final. GRID can be found on the following networks: Comcast SportsNet (NBC Sports Regional Networks) and Root Sports (AT&T Sports Network). Want to watch but don’t get these channels? No problem! Grid is also live streamed online at gridtv.npgl.com. Watch the Boston Iron take on the New York Rhinos in the season premiere tonight at 6 p.m. EST.