On the evening of April 13th, Weider Publishing was in attendance at the swanky, private rooftop party room at 40 Renwick Street in Manhattan’s historic Tribeca neighborhood to celebrate the release of Gatorade’s G Series Pro line of nutritional products. Developed by The Gatorade Sports Science Institute for use by professional athletes, G Series Pro represents a major leap forward in the evolution of sports performance nutrition products.

Until now, G Series Pro products have only been initially available in professional locker rooms and specialized training facilities. On May 1, however, the sports nutrition landscape will change dramatically as the G Series Pro line of drinks, shakes and bars is made available to the general public through an exclusive co-marketing and co-distribution agreement with GNC and its network of nearly 5,500 outlets nationwide.

“Make no mistake,” says Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Gatorade’s chief marketing officer, “Gatorade is all about the athlete. This product line focuses on the insights of pro athletes and the advantages of our peerless scientific approach to product development. G Series Pro raises the bar even higher.”

Among the many guests honoring the debut of G Series Pro were former NFL MVP LaDanian Tomlinson of the New York Jets and former Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning of the New York Giants, both of whom effusively sung the praises of the performance benefits of Gatorade products. Later in the evening, revelers were treated to an appearance by the legendary Sean “P Diddy” Combs, who sampled a selection of G Series Pro products and vowed to add them to his considerable repertoire.

GNC outlets will be the exclusive supplier of G Series Pro products, a marriage which makes sense considering the compatibility of G Series Pro athletes and GNC customers. “The Gatorade brand has enormous credibility with GNC’s sports nutrition customers, and the G Series Pro line will be a valuable addition to GNC’s sport performance product lineup,” said Joe Fortunato, chief executive officer of GNC.