Gain Mass

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Follow these tips and eat guilt-free this holiday season.


Let’s face it: the holidays and diets don’t get along.

Sure, the holiday season is a time for love, peace on earth, and celebration. (Heck, during World War I, the Germans and Allies even played soccer together on Christmas Day.) But with celebration comes festive gatherings stuffed with overeating, whopping food-portions, calorie-packed desserts, and more overeating.

Man, we like to eat. The average American gains a few pounds during the holiday season alone – the last thing you want to do during these few weeks is undo all the hard work you’ve put in.

Yet you always hear the same advice:

“Eat this. Don’t eat that. Only eat one of this. Drink this instead of that. Etc.”

What if there were ways that you could stuff yourself and not worry? What if you go for that third slice of pie with a sigh of relief or – heck – have another beer?

Here’s how:

1. Fast Before the Feast

If you’re having a huge holiday dinner with family and friends, skip breakfast and lunch.

“Wait, I thought skipping meals is bad for you?!”

Actually, the opposite is true. There’s a lot of research that suggests short-term fasting has benefits on insulin sensitivity (carb tolerance) and nutrition partitioning (directing food to muscle instead of fat), cholesterol, fat oxidation, post-workout metabolism, and – even – lifespan.

Not only are you reducing the number of calories you eat per day, but you’re also increasing your metabolism. (And living longer, too.) Just make sure you drink plenty of water during your fast.

“Won’t I starve?”

Starvation-mode doesn’t start until about 72 hours into a fast. But you won’t go that far – realistically, you’re only fasting for 16 - 24 hours at most, and that already includes your sleep.

How to Boost Your Fast:

Drink green tea throughout the day. It increases your fat loss, improves your cholesterol, and tastes pretty damn good, too.