Q: My job/lifestyle doesn’’t allow me to eat six times a day as I should. How can I make up for that?

A: Become a connoisseur of protein shakes. Most people can’’t interrupt their day every three hours to eat, and even fewer have the time to prepare all those meals. Protein powders, which readily mix with water or fat-free milk to give you the muscle-building amino acids your body needs, are a bodybuilding savior -— and an extremely convenient one.

A shaker bottle is all you need, and you can bring that to the office or on the road. Every three hours, instead of stopping for a chicken breast and a complex carb such as pasta, rice or a potato, simply shake and drink. Or you can down a protein shake and eat a portable carb such as a banana, some rice cakes, a small bagel or a fat-free whole-grain muffin, depending on your daily calorie needs and bodytype; if you’’re a hardgainer, you’’ll likely need additional carbs. You can also choose a weight-gain powder, which is typically powdered protein with added carbohydrates and fat. On the other hand, if you tend to have a softer physique and excessive bodyfat is an issue, stick with a protein powder devoid of carbs.