Seafood preparation has become an art form for Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, also known as the “Posh Pescatarian” to her legions of YouTube followers. A glance at any of her Picasso-like plates reveals what resembles an art exhibit instead of a post-workout meal, which is a reason for her popularity and what helped spawn her first cable TV show—The Posh Pescatarian: Appetite for Adventure, a fish and fitness project now in its second season on Z Living channel. Harris-Uyidi has had a two-decade love affair with the fish-and-seafood-only diet. “Think of it as the Mediterranean diet minus the animals,” she says.

The benefits of including seafood in your diet are as diverse as the creative ways it can be prepared. Reducing cholesterol, improving sleep, and fighting Alzheimer’s are just some of the many pluses of this heart-healthy, high-protein, low-fat food.

However, its versatility—baking, roasting, frying, even consuming it raw—can oftentimes and unneces- sarily double as a kitchen frustrater. According to Harris-Uyidi, whether it’s high-end halibut, fresh Alaskan shrimp, or even humble canned tuna, fish should be simple, creative, and even fun. “People treat it like it’s Valentine’s Day,” she says. “They’ll overdress the fish as if they’re putting on pearls and a fur or a tux to go to a movie theater. It’s too much. I always encourage people to not overthink it and cook your fish as easily as possible.”

As you’ll see in the following recipes, simplicity—sea salt, black pepper, citrus, capers, and tomatoes—is all you’ll need for a perfect pescatarian power meal.