Most M&F readers know that slow-digesting carbs like whole-wheat bread make a great breakfast because they provide long-lasting energy throughout the day without interfering with fat-burning. But if you eat your bread as toast, what you spread on it can make or break your physique. So what’s the better peanut butter to spread on your slow carbs, regular ol’ peanut butter or reduced-fat?

Answer: Regular Peanut Butter

Regular full-fat peanut butter is the better choice. In fact, we think reduced-fat peanut butter is completely unnecessary. One of the benefits of the regular version is it’s a rich source of healthy fats like monounsaturated fat.

These fats get burned during exercise, aren’t generally stored as bodyfat, and provide a host of health and physique benefits. And when manufacturers reduce the fat in products, they replace it with carbs to improve flavor. Reduced-fat peanut butter tends to have about twice as many carbs as regular peanut butter