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Company Overview: RIVALUS was born from the desire to create a line of sports nutrition products that would help discerning athletes reach new levels in training and performance without the use of banned substances. Our goals are simple – we aim to make the most powerful and effective supplements that are free of hazardous substances and unwanted fillers.

Protein Supplement Highlights: PROMASIL combines 7 powerful proteins to form a unique blend providing muscles with a steady stream of amino acids over several hours – ideal for maximum muscle growth and muscle repair. Free of soy protein, gluten and fillers, PROMASIL is the choice of professional athletes in every major sport.

Best-Selling Flavor: Milk Chocolate PROMASIL, followed closely by Soft Serve Vanilla.

Fat Burning Supplement Highlights: SHORT CUTZ is a powerful and effective new thermogenic supplement designed to immediately increase energy, speed metabolism, burn fat and drop bodyweight. SHORT CUTZ is the first thermogenic to include natural ginger root to aid digestion and to ease the stomach, while blending the perfect combination of stimulant and non-stimulant ingredients.

New Products and Company Updates: RIVALUS has more professional athletes than all other supplement companies combined and recently celebrated our 25,000th clean drug test in professional sports.