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Company Overview: Started in 1983 with the birth of the iconic Animal Pak, the Animal line grew to address the wants and needs of the most demanding, hard-training bodybuilders and strength athletes in the world. Specializing in targeted formulas conveniently and comprehensively packaged in pre-dosed and time-released “packs” of pills, the Animal line is specifically designed to support extreme training and dieting and to deliver the one thing the most passionate in the iron game care the most about: Results.

Fat Burning Supplement Highlights:


-Complete fat shredding formula designed specifically for competitive bodybuilders.
-Supports a healthy appetite level and curbs urges for the dieting bodybuilder.
-Includes thermogenic, metabolic, lipolytic, stimulant and diuretic compounds, and more, in one, single pack.
-For extreme definition & vascularity, athletes who hold excess water, and max striations & cuts
-Stack Animal Cuts with Animal Pak for optimal results. During a pre-contest dieting phase, you can add Animal Stak, Animal Test or Animal M-Stak to the mix to maximize muscle gains and conditioning.