You’re not injured. You’re mentally focused, and you’re feeling strong and healthy. So why suddenly have your gains hit a brick wall in the weight room?

It’s a natural part of training that most every guy will experience at some point. Whether it’s a stop in muscle gains, strength increases, or overall performance levels, there comes a point when you hit a plateau and your training progress comes to a complete standstill.

It could be anything from the way you train to the way you eat. But whatever the reason, take comfort in knowing that just because your progress has stalled for the moment that doesn’t mean your days of ego-boosting gains are over. Follow our lead and learn how to break through those dreaded training plateaus.

Fuel for Growth

If you want to grow, you gotta eat. Getting all the calories, carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals you need daily to support your muscle building efforts can be a challenge. If you’re not able to get enough of these essential nutrients over six or seven meals throughout the day, your best bet is to go with high quality supplements that satisfy your nutritional needs.

Designed and formulated to boost your energy levels and maximize your growth potential, protein shakes offer a mix of key vitamins and nutrients to support your training goals. High performance protein bars can also provide an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Mix It Up

Nothing kills muscle building momentum more than a stagnant training regimen. Do the same exercises over and over and expect to hit the wall face first. Variation is key if you are serious about packing on muscle mass, and busting through your plateau. Whether it’s the order of your exercises, the type of exercises, the amount of sets and reps, the days you train, or the superset combinations, keeping your muscles guessing every 4-weeks will keep them growing.

Go Negative

Studies indicate that the eccentric phase (the negative portion of a movement) is just as vital to muscle growth as the concentric phase (the positive part of the movement). By shifting the emphasis to the eccentric phase once every few weeks, you will stimulate new growth by forcing your muscles to work differently. For maximum results, be sure to lower the weight slowly during the eccentric phase.


This may be the hardest for the hardcore bodybuilder to do, however, it’s a simple and sometimes necessary way to get over the plateau wall. Taking a few days off from your rigorous training routine often allows for total recuperation and that just may be what your body needs to break through your muscle building barriers, and grow.

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