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Clear Results Program: The Supplements

Prepare for the Clear Results 12-week challenge with these powerful supplements.

Clear Results Program: The Supplements

For all workouts, take the following supplements:

The Clear Results Supplement Regimen


1 scoop Platinum 100% Whey + 2 capsules Clear muscle


50g fast absorbing carbs (sucrose/ dextrose)


1 scoop platinum 100% Whey
Tip: Drink your whey protein shake as soon as your workout is done.

Platinum 100% Whey

Cold-pressed microfiltration leaves behind a finished product that's so pure, it’ll mix clump-free with just a spoon.

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Platinum Casein

Contains ultrapure casein, BCAAs, plus bioactive fractions that help keep this slow- digesting protein in your system even longer to prevent catabolism.

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Clear Muscle

Subjects using Clear Muscle gained 16 pounds of lean muscle during a clinical study conducted at the University of Tampa.

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