The two main anabolic hormones that build bigger and stronger muscles, as well as help shed body fat, are testosterone and growth hormone (GH). So maximizing your natural levels of both can have an additive effect in helping you build a bigger, stronger, and leaner physique. Consider adding the following supplements to your regimen. They naturally raise your levels of testosterone and GH.

BPI Sports


A hd
A-HD: Testosterone Booster

 In addition to directly helping the body to increase testosterone production and secretion, the ingredients in a-hD can also help to lower estrogen levels. Although estrogen is mainly known as a female hormone, men also produce it.



Grp hd
GRP-HD: GH Booster

This new GH booster from BPI utilizes ingredients such as Chinese wedelia, yellow gentian, kudzu (Dolichos lobatus), Eucommia ulmoides, Indian banyan, and southern elder to boost both growth hormone and growth factor levels.





T bomb
T-Bomb II: Testosterone Booster

MHP utilizes ingredients that increase testosterone levels via multiple mechanisms, and there are also ingredients that help to control estrogen levels to amplify the testosterone.

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This product contains ingredients like alpha-GPC that have been shown to significantly boost Gh levels. But it also has ingredients to promote relaxation and better sleep.

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Universal Nutrition


N1 t
N1-T: Testosterone Booster

Universal’s testosterone booster uses Eurycoma longifolia, Tribulus terrestris, Avena sativa, catuaba, and Salvia officinalis to boost total and free testosterone.

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Gh stack

GH Stack: GH Booster

GH Stack utilizes the amino acids ornithine, arginine, lysine, glycine, and glutamine, which all have research supporting their ability to significantly raise Gh levels.

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