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Building more muscle and strength requires a two-pronged attack for maximum results — hard work in the gym and high quality fuel to feed your muscles. One such fuel is the essential muscle-building macronutrient, protein. Getting enough protein at the right times of the day is tantamount to packing on more size and strength, which is why Six Star Casein Protein can help deliver big-time results. 

Each two-scoop serving of Six Star Casein Protein delivers 40g of protein, including slow-digesting casein, which helps feed your muscles with a continued flow of amino acids (the building blocks of muscle). Plus, it’s enhanced with an added ingredient that’s clinically shown to build more muscle and strength.

Powered by 100% Sustained-Release Casein Protein

100% of the casein component in new Six Star Casein Protein is high-quality casein protein, which is a slow-release form of protein and is rich in amino acids. This makes it perfect to take between meals and before bed.

Prolonged Amino Acid Delivery Before Bed

Research has shown that casein protein has a slow absorption rate into the bloodstream, which results in sustained amino acid delivery. The slower digestion and delivery helps feed your muscles with a continued flow of powerful amino acids.

Build More Lean Muscle

Plus, Six Star Casein Protein features another powerful, university-studied key compound shown to help build more lean muscle. It’s perfect for anyone trying to build a better body.