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Addiction is one of those haunting presences that effects one in ten Americans. Whether drugs, gambling, alcohol or everything in between, it’s a sensitive subject that seems to rear its ugly head around the holidays. When you’re struggling with either yourself or a loved one dealing with this dark beast, hope can seem out of reach. For every bottom and tale of tragedy, there’s inspiration to match. Jeremy Miller is has lived one of those inspirational tales.

Jeremey struggled with sobriety, was unhealthy, depressed and overweight. A serious change overtook his life and he traded his addictions for a lifestyle of fitness, nutrition and self-love. Now he shares his story to help others struggling with addiction. During the holidays, always remember to support those with struggles, they may be too proud or too afraid to ask for help. Use Jeremy’s story as inspiration to pave a better path forward for yourself or someone you know.

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