Increase Your Nutrient Absorption

These supplements help bodybuilders improve digestion of high protein diets.



Bodybuilders go to extraordinary efforts to consume all the calories and protein they need to maximize their weightlifting gains. But they may be overlooking a crucial aspect of consumption: You don’t get the benefits you seek from the foods you swallow; you get the benefits from the foods you absorb into your system. Nutrients that pass through your system without being absorbed literally go to waste.

Here are some supplements you should consider using to help increase absorption and the efficiency of your nutrition program.


Probiotics is the name for the many different types of beneficial bacteria that populate your digestive tract, helping you breakdown and thus better absorb the foods you consume. While you may have plenty of billions of these little bugs in your system, taking a supplement with a few billion more may help you better process a high protein diet.

A recent study showed that taking in 1 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of Bacillus coagulans helped people absorb more amino acids from a protein meal. You can boost the benefits of your protein by taking one dose a day of a probiotic product containing at least 1 billion CFUs with a whole food meal.

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