The X-FIT Transformation Contest is an exciting competition that will reward the best physical transformations among website visitors who engage in high intensity cross-training to completely change their bodies.

The competition, which kicks off March 1, is open to anyone who wishes submit photos and information about their personal transformation.

The competition is open to anyone who’s experienced a great transformation from any high intensity cross-training type workout (P90X, INSANITY, CrossFit, Kettlebell, etc.). These programs are well known for helping followers lose weight, trim bodyfat, improve muscle mass and look (and feel) better. These exciting workout philosophies have been shown have great power of to change people’s lives and transform their physiques.

Practitioners of all these training programs (and others) are invited to show their transformations and win prizes.

Transformation entries should be accompanied by “before” and “after” photos and a short essay (50-150 words) talking about their transformation experience. The type of workout program followed, as well as the time the change in appearance took, must be included.

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