Valentine's Day is near. While most guys think of the holiday as a celebration for couples in relationships, it's also the perfect time to put a little more effort into dating. Why? Queue all her horrors of being alone on the big day.

Fortunately, in the internet age, it's easier to meet a girl. Unfortunately, the fact that it's easier to communicate with each other also makes it easier to screw things up faster than ever. Our partners at HowAboutWe have shared 3 ways to avoid breaking up before the first date to help you keep your V-Day plans intact.

Sample tip:

Pace your excitement. If you want to maintain a little intrigue (and her interest), don't zealously overshare too soon. Don't add her on all of your social media sites before you've met her in real life. It could kill her desire to know you if she's already spotted all her dislikes on your Facebook page.

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Keep in mind that the game doesn't stop once you get her to the restaurant. Check out the 10 things not to screw up on the first date.