The fact that a girl’s from another country is actually a great launching point for an engrossing conversation. Ask her what she thinks of the States, if there are any traditions she finds really strange here, or what she misses most about home. These sorts of questions open the door to discussing things you’ve always taken for granted and to hear an outsider’s perspective on your way of life; it’s also a lot more engaging than your traditional “Come here often?” bar banter.

Plus, these are topics she probably really enjoys talking about, so she’ll find you interesting and want to chat with you longer. At the end of the day, girls—foreign and domestic—just want to be listened to.

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50 first date conversation starters

Topics for your first date—and beyond—that'll keep things interesting.

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Now, if you’re talking about meeting girls in a foreign country, that can be a bit trickier, especially on a short trip. Conversationally, the same principles apply, but if there’s a mutual attraction and you end up having a fling, it will likely be temporary—so don’t try to sweep that under the rug. Rather, acknowledge it by saying, “I’m only here for a limited time, but I’d love to see you again before I leave.”